Bailey started studying at Otley College in 2015 and enrolled on the level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management.  During her second year she started working at Dogucation as part of her work experience to complete her course.  Once her required hours had been completed  she was welcomed to stay on to assist when she asked to do so.

Since starting at Dogucation she has become not only a valued member of the crew but has proven herself a very good teacher  in agility, flyball and at puppy classes. She is a very competent clicker trainer who is learning fast training more complex behaviours.  A really high achievement for someone who turned 18 in May 2017.

She has always had a passion for dogs and now has a three year old Rottweiler named Stanley and her first very own dog who is a Parsons Jack Russell terrier named Dodger.  He was born in March 2017.

As part of her College course Bailey is extending her clicker training skills training her pet rats.