Meet The Team

Daren spent most of his life working with computers until he got his first dog, a lovely black Labrador called Sammy who changed his outlook on life. He now has Buster too, a working type yellow lab, who is an accomplished canisports dog.

Finding training sessions and courses fascinating he decided to learn more about working with dogs, attending Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK Residential Dog Trainers Instructors Courses in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and is studying towards full membership.

Daren is also a Talking Dogs Scentwork Accredited Handler.

Daren started assisting with classes towards the end of 2014. From late 2016 he took the lead role in teaching puppy classes and agility classes.

From January 2019 after the sudden passing of our founder Kerstin Dimond he agreed to take over the running of Dogucation at the request of Kerstin's husband Paul.

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