I’ve been dog mad for as long as  I can remember, and more particularly training related. Growing up, the family dogs were my guinea pigs for trick training and general obedience, i discovered clicker training at the age of 15 purely by chance- gave it a go with our GSD and instantly loved what could be achieved with it.

At 17, I was fortunate enough to have my own dog - a springer x collie, Patch.

Sadly his health problems restricted what we were able to do together and again, clicker training and particularly trick training became our thing.

Through positive training and the guidance of other force free trainers, Patch was a dog to be proud of. He is sadly no longer with us but he has set me well on my way furthering this passion for training.

We added another 4 pawed addition to the family in January 2014, this time a Rottweiler x GSD - Lulu. When Lulu was 16 months old we started agility at Dogucation. Not long after this i was asked by Kerstin if i would be interested in joining the team as an assistant. It was really time to stop doubting myself and go for it!

May 2016 saw the arrival of our daughter Alicia. Life is often taken up with all things  baby, but I assist as much as possible around this - sometimes meaning she comes with me.

In due course i intend to complete the APDT trainers training and go down this route.