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Learn about the science and advantages of clicker training over other methods. Learn how to improve your current behaviours and work towards shaping new ones. A great way to hone your own training skills and engage your dog’s brain.

Tricks Class

Working and sporting athletes need special consideration to minimise the chances of injury and to build core strength, flexibility and stamina.

Learn how to warm up and cool down safely and effectively, how to stretch muscles safely and how to use simple sports equipment to build core strength and body awareness.

A fun, four week course designed by Karen Laker. Kerstin has been approved to teach it by Karen. A keep fit class for you and your dog! Fun for both of you!

We have two levels of class: Beginner / Intermediate and Intermediate / Advanced.

These classes can be tailored to what you’d like to learn and have as their basis the APDT Good Companion Awards, which Kerstin teaches and examines. (There are currently 4 levels, Adult Beginner, Foundation, Progress and Jubilee; with a fifth level currently being written)

The classes cover everything from basis lead walking, recall and other behaviours through to complex conceptual exercises (for example counting or mimic behaviours).

We can always plan a a class structure with you if you have specific requirements.

Training for it’s own sake builds the dog human bond, enriches your dog, builds new neural connections and will have a positive influence on current behaviours. A short, half hour class to teach fun, new behaviours.

With a full competition agility kit, we can help you to learn this fast and fun sports, either just for fun or for competition.

A fast-paced relay race between two teams of four dogs. Learn more about this sport and teach your dog the skills necessary to make it a fast and fun hobby.

Scentwork Class

Learn all about how to train your dog to locate people, follow a track and search for a specific scent. Learn how scent works, how dog’s noses follow a scent and have fun a home teaching your dog how to use one of his best natural assets! A fun weekly class that enriches your dog’s brain and gives you both a new skill.

Canicross & Bikejor

Learn to canicross or bikejor from a competing team. This includes safety, cues, teaching a dog to be comfortable pulling, equipment, insurance and conditioning.

To canicross dogs must be a minimum of 1 year old, to bikejor 18 months.