Aksel - Our Greyster Back to News

Our puppy Aksel was born on the 27th March 2017. He’s a Greyster, which is not a breed but rather a type of dog bred specifically for elite sprint sled dog racing.

They are typically a large proportion German Shorthaired Pointer with Greyhound and often Alaskan (not Siberian) Husky and English Pointer. Although bred to race (and wouldn’t be offered to a purely pet home) they are brilliant house dogs if given the exercise they were bred so carefully to love doing and the mental enrichment breeds in their make up need.

His dad is Norwegain and Mum Polish, both from top racing kennels.

Sprint sled dogs typically compete in sprint sled racing, pulka and skijor (on snow) or in dryland rig,scooter, bikejor or canicross where there’s no snow.

When Aksel is old enough we’ll see if he enjoys canicross or bikejor more and compete at that, although he’ll take part in both sports recreationally. We hope he’ll do triathlons too.

He’s funny, clever, cuddly and such a playful boy (he’s got tons of doggy friends).  He’s been the most brilliant puppy to bring up but at 7 months, 34kg and 71cm at the shoulder we now need to keep reminding ourselves he’s still a baby!